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Environmental Management

FootprintsBenefits of studying Environmental Management

Benefits to students and organisations

The Environmental Management postgraduate programme is designed to bring benefits to you and your organisation by helping you to:

  • take on new roles in your personal and professional life
  • contribute to more effective environmental management
  • unpack issues and participate creatively in the process of making environmental decisions
  • use a range of tools  to assess and improve environmental performance of organisations
  • work with people and organisations developing management systems and who might be working towards accreditation, for example, ISO 14001 or EMAS
  • integrate wider issues such as ethical principles, sustainability, health and safety management and emergency preparedness


Open University learning means you can study without having to take a career break. What is more you can set your own time-scale for getting the qualification you want. You can fit study round the demands of your life and career.

Frequent module start dates

You can begin most modules at postgraduate level in either May or November (but note that some modules, particularly the optional modules, may only be available once a year). The reservation period for May typically closes at the end of March and that for November at the end of September.

All the support you need

The Open University gives you all the support you need to succeed. We provide you with study materials of exceptional quality - many of our modules are delivered on-line, which provides greater flexibility to accomodate your study patterns.

You will have access to a tutor who will advise you and provide regular feedback on your coursework. On all modules, computer forum facilities enable students to talk to each other about the module as well as to their tutor. Each module has its own website that provides online resources as well as links to the OU library and electronic journals. 

Sponsoring a student or group of students

A student’s personal development feeds back into their work through increased confidence and use of newly acquired skills.

If you are an employer, there are various ways of supporting students:

  • you can pay the fees for a single student or group of students (studying with the OU is relatively inexpensive and your staff can study while continuing to work)
  • you can provide mentoring support from a line manager or colleague
  • you can permit the use of your organisation’s computing and internet facilities.